Paul Pica

Paul Pica

President & Chief Operating Officer

Having seen CSI double in size not once, but three times, since joining the company, Paul Pica has played an integral role in CSI’s growth and the professional growth of the more than 1,100 people who work here. As President and COO, he is responsible for making sure that CSI’s employees are engaged to their highest potential, exposed to new opportunities, and work in an environment where initiative is valued and originality is encouraged.

Paul makes certain that the company works as a cohesive whole, aligned around clearly communicated common goals. Day to day, he evaluates the operational systems CSI uses, striving for their continuous improvement. Paul also assesses new markets, working with the management team to find CSI’s next strategic opportunity.

He started his professional electrical career in 1983, working with his brothers at a small contracting firm. He joined CSI in 1999 and held several job titles on the way to his current role.

"I’m committed to providing a structure for people to rise to their highest potential, and maintain and enhance the culture that brought many of us to CSI in the first place."