Patrick Draper

Patrick Draper

Vice President of Project Development

As Vice President of Project Development, Patrick searches for and develops strategic alliances with customer partners. In CSI’s pursuit of mutually beneficial market opportunities, Patrick draws on the breadth of his industry knowledge, improving the client and CSI experience. When responsible for a project, Patrick becomes a communication pipeline and the liaison between the client’s and CSI resources.

Early in life, Patrick’s college studies in electrical theory led him to an electrical apprenticeship rapidly advancing through field leadership at all levels. He is a master electrician and proficient in a diverse portfolio of construction types including aerospace, industrial, commercial, retail, healthcare, residential, higher education, and technologies. Ultimately his career evolved into concurrent roles as President of a Profit and Loss division and Director of Preconstruction for one of the nation’s largest privately held electrical contractors.

Patrick joined CSI in 2012. In his role at CSI, Patrick is responsible for broadening the company’s customer base into new industries as well as increasing CSI’s penetration in existing core segments. His keen interest and experience in Design Assist and Design Build projects, as well as embracing Integrated Project Delivery methodology, is of particular benefit to our partners needing early collaboration services and support.

"When contemplating joining CSI I saw it as an opportunity to influence an organization eager to expand their business model and embrace changes to approaching our market. The added benefit was discovering the enormous value placed on our employees and customers. The synergy is real at CSI."