Annenberg Petspace

Inside the Annenberg Petspace building looking out to the font of the facility

The Annenberg Petspace is devoted to promoting and strengthening the bonds between humans and animals through adoption, education, and leadership.

Opened in 2017, the Annenberg Petspace is a unique community space where people can come to play, adopt, learn, and grow. This 2-story LEED Platinum, 30,000 SF space is home to more that 80 rescued dogs, cats, and rabbits from the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control and is run by 30 staff and over 100 volunteers.

CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc. partnered with Matt Construction to provide all electrical construction to the facility which included pet adoption spaces, play areas, an education center, and a leadership institute.

The Annenberg Petspace is an extension of the philanthropic work of Wallis Annenberg through the Annenberg Foundation. To learn more about the foundation, click here. To visit the Annenberg Petspace, click here.

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Project Highlights

The Annenberg Petspace is a site to behold. Upon entry, guests are greeted by a giant animatronic dog which sets the playful tone for the visit. In addition, guests can run in a human-sized hamster wheel, learn about the animals through interactive touch screens throughout the facility, and meet and greet the animals in several designated community spaces.

The entire building is smart featuring multiple touch screens throughout the facility. Some areas also include touch screens to control electrified viewing windows that go from frost to clear to view grooming, surgeries, or the animals that are not quite ready to come out and play.  

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